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The Imposter
Episode #: 12
Original Air Date: 10/6/1987
Written by: Paul Davids

Episode Summary
Written by J. Cole Weston

Overlord plots to replace the President of the United States.

Episode Notes

SPIRAL ZONE makes history once again! This episode is the first television show in history to show a serious depiction of an African-American President of the United States (the few previous depictions were in films). Amazing!

Episode Notes
Written by J. Cole Weston

In depth: Dr. Laurence devises a "Zone Negator" device that they test within the Zone, but it malfunctions and fails. Meanwhile, Razorback is snowboarding somewhere in the mountains, in pursuit of the President of the United States and his Secret Service agents. Pinned down, the President is captured by Overlord. He is zoned by Overlord and impersonated by Bandit. The Zone Riders give chase as the crew lets them know the President has been captured.

When Bandit infiltrates M.C.C, he sets up an armistice meeting with Overlord as the President. The Zone Riders go into the Zone unarmed under orders of the President. Katerina is armed however, as the President said "you and your men will be unarmed". It is of course, a trap. Kat tows in the rest of the weapons systems and the Zone Riders make a fight out of it. Overlord retreats once the battle turns.

Bandit as Rogers tells McFarland the Zone Riders are to be court martialled as they "attacked" Overlord. The Zone Riders break out of prison and seize their weapons, approaching the Zone in the mountains. Laurence and McFarland an "anti holo-rage" device and build it into a broadcaster, which unmasks Bandit on national television. Meanwhile the Zone Riders destroy the Generator and pursue the President. When Intruder is damaged, there is no room in the escape pods for the President and he is left behind to be rescued. When Bandit is dressed down by Overlord for failure, he responds that he obtained the plans for the Zone Negator, but it turns out to be a video of a rock band instead.

Items Noticed: Dr. Laurence is no fool - we see a smaller, improved flying version of his Zone reconnaissance robot that Razorback easily destroyed in episode four.

SPIRAL ZONE beats the Fox show "24" to an African American president by 20 years.

Overlord uses a new black tank as yet unseen in the series at this point called the "Groundship?" (It's difficult to make out what Courage calls this).

Notes: The Black Widows are famous enough that the President knows Bandit by sight.

The President's name is Greg Rogers.

Dr. Laurence is an expert in Bio-electric physics.

McFarland is to be sent to a base in Alaska, suggesting that Anchorage or Fairbanks are unzoned, as two army posts exist there - Fort Richardson and Fort Wainwright.

Judging by the "Fred from Scooby Doo" attire Courage wears, he's better off in his Neutron-90 suit!

What do we learn? The Zone Cyle contains a solar flare capability which can blind enemies.

Goof ups: First Rogers is called Graham, then Greg.

Quotable Quotes: "Das ist Verrucht! (crazy)" - Tank

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